Quantum field theorist shares $100,000 award for exceptional work by researchers under the age of 40.


Perfecting Math Without Numbers

As the newly announced Clay Riddell Paul Dirac Chair in Theoretical Physics, Pedro Vieira is continuing his quest to equip young researchers with the tools for success in analytics.


Pedro Vieira has been awarded the prestigious Gribov Medal by the European Physical Society.


Perimeter Faculty member Pedro Vieira has earned a 2015 Sloan Research Fellowship for his explorations into the foundations of quantum field theory.


Perimeter researchers have solved a long-standing problem in quantum field theory by mathematically “cutting soap bubbles into pieces.”

David Skinner

Perimeter congratulates Visiting Fellow David Skinner on winning Journal of Physics A’s “Best Paper Prize” for 2013. The prize is awarded to Skinner and collaborator Lionel Mason for their paper titled “Amplitudes at weak coupling as polytopes in AdS5.”


Perimeter Institute would like to congratulate PhD candidates João Caetano and Jonathan Toledo on winning the John Brodie Memorial Award.