As another year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the year’s top news in Perimeter science, outreach, partnerships, and more. 


For her pioneering work in lasers, University of Waterloo professor Donna Strickland becomes the third woman in history to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. 


Perimeter Director “surprised and very honoured” to receive one of the nation’s highest honours.

Steffen Gielen and Neil Turok

With second- and third-prize wins, Perimeter research is recognized at Buchalter Cosmology Prizes for fourth year running.

Perimeter Institute Year in review image

Science typically advances in increments, but 2017 saw a huge leap as astronomers threw open a new window to the universe. That was just one story in a bustling year for science, and for Perimeter. Here’s a recap of the year’s highlights.


Perimeter Institute launches the Centre for the Universe, a global focal point for research into key questions in cosmology. 


An Honorary Fellowship from the Institute of Physics is among a number of recent acknowledgements from the science community for Neil Turok. 


A new model of quantum cosmology shows how this universe might have been born from the one before it – while avoiding the broken physics of the big bang singularity. 


The Perimeter Opportunity

Great moments in science require great work  and great support.


Neil Turok wins prestigious Tate Medal from the American Institute of Physics, donates prize money to African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.