Beni Yoshida

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Areas of Research:
Phone: (519) 569-7600

Research Interests

My research uses quantum information theory to study many-body quantum physics and quantum gravity. I am currently interested in the relation between quantum chaos and the black hole information problem(s).

Positions Held

  • 2015 Aug - 2017 June 5-year Senior Researcher, Perimeter Institute
  • 2012 Aug - 2015 July    Burke Fellow, Institute for Theoretical Physics , Caltech

Recent Publications

  • Jordan Cotler, Nicholas Hunter-Jones, Junyu Liu, Beni Yoshida Chaos, Complexity, and Random Matrices arXiv: 1706.05400
  • arXiv:1611.05450 Symmetry protected topological order at nonzero temperature Sam Roberts, Beni Yoshida, Aleksander Kubica, Stephen D. Bartlett Phys. Rev. A 96, 022306 (2017)
  • arXiv:1610.04903 Chaos and complexity by design Daniel A. Roberts, Beni Yoshida JHEP
  • Xiaotong Ni, Fernando Pastawski, Beni Yoshida, Robert Koenig Preparing topologically ordered states by Hamiltonian interpolation NJP, arXiv: 1604.00029
  • arXiv:1603.07805 Topological Order and Memory Time in Marginally Self-Correcting Quantum Memory Karthik Siva, Beni Yoshida Phys. Rev. A 95, 032324 (2017)
  • Pavan Hosur, Xiao-Liang Qi, Daniel A. Roberts, Beni Yoshida, Chaos in quantum channels, JHEP arXiv: 1511.04021
  • arXiv:1509.03626 Gapped boundaries, group cohomology and fault-tolerant logical gates Beni Yoshida Annals of Physics, 377, 387-413 (2017)
  • Beni Yoshida, Topological phases with generalized global symmetries, Phys. Rev. B 93, 155131 (2016), arXiv: 1508.03468
  • Verified Quantum Information Scrambling Kevin A. Landsman, Caroline Figgatt, Thomas Schuster, Norbert M. Linke, Beni Yoshida, Norman Y. Yao, Christopher Monroe arXiv: 1806.02807
  • Ungauging quantum error-correcting codes Aleksander Kubica, Beni Yoshida arXiv: 1805.01836
  • Disentangling Scrambling and Decoherence via Quantum Teleportation Beni Yoshida, Norman Y. Yao arXiv: 1803.10772
  • Efficient decoding for the Hayden-Preskill protocol Beni Yoshida, Alexei Kitaev arXiv: 1710.03363
  • Quantum code and topological phases, a review article in Japanese, Suuri Kagaku


  • QI workshop, Tokyo
  • Post-strings workshop, Kyoto
  • Theory seminar, Stanford
  • Particle theory seminar, Princeton
  • Quantum Error-Correction, UMD
  • UBC workshop on quantum gravity/information
  • Relativistic Quantum Information, Kyoto
  • Simons Symposium, Munich
  • Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, string/info theory
  • UC Berkeley special seminar
  • Stanford, Holographic complexity workshop
  • U Waterloo, special seminar
  • UC Berkeley 290K seminar
  • PIRSA:17040026, Decoding a black hole, 2017-04-27, Colloquium
  • PIRSA:17020102, Quantum error-correction and black holes, 2017-02-22, Perimeter Institute Quantum Discussions
  • PIRSA:16070075, Bulk Reconstruction, 2016-07-27, It from Qubit Summer School
  • PIRSA:16070027, Subsystem Codes, 2016-07-21, It from Qubit Summer School
  • PIRSA:15080069, Order parameter for chaos , 2015-08-18, Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity II
  • PIRSA:14090032, Fault-tolerant logical gates in quantum error-correcting codes, 2014-09-24, Perimeter Institute Quantum Discussions
  • PIRSA:13010101, Exotic topological order from quantum fractal code, 2013-01-14, Perimeter Institute Quantum Discussions
  • PIRSA:10030033, Quantum code with translation and scale symmetries, 2010-03-17, Perimeter Institute Quantum Discussions