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GoPhysics! Online Workshops 

Ready to get answers to all those physics questions that keep you up at night? Perimeter Institute's GoPhysics! workshops give keen high school students the opportunity to reach beyond high school physics and dive into modern physics.

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On March 13 we’ll tackle some big questions: What is gravity? What can we learn from Newton’s and Einstein’s competing models? How do black holes, some of the most mysterious objects in our universe, fit into this discussion? The GoPhysics! Gravity & Black Holes workshop is free and includes live online sessions with physicists, independent preparation, and lots of time for questions and discussion. 

The total time commitment is 6 hours. The schedule is:

Tuesday, March 9 (available at 10:00 am ET)    

  • Students receive login details for online learning platform
  • 1 hour of independent preparation (to be completed any time before first online session)

Saturday, March 13

  • 10:30am – 12:00 ET*     Interactive Online Session 1: Gravity and General Relativity
  • 12:00pm – 2:30pm ET*  Break and Additional 1.5 hours of Independent Exploration
  •   2:30pm – 4:00pm ET*  Interactive Online Session 2: Black Holes
  •   4:00pm – 4:30pm ET*  Optional speed-mentoring with Perimeter Institute physicists


  • For students who wish to go deeper in their understanding, additional content will be available for continued exploration

*All times are in the Eastern Time Zone. Compare your time zone here to be sure you will be available!

Please note: The content overlaps with past GoPhysics! Gravity courses. Students who have already completed GoPhysics! Gravity are welcome to attend but should expect some content to be review.

  • You must currently be studying at the high school level (including online and homeschool)
  • You must have completed Grade 11 Physics before the course begins. If you are still in Grade 11, click here for notification of future workshops.
  • You don’t need to have Grade 12 physics for this – you can be currently taking Grade 12, or planning to take it in the future
  • You’ll need at least a conceptual introduction to Newton’s force model for gravity. Be ready to explore topics like: general relativity, curved spacetime, and black holes.
  • This is your chance to connect with experts in the field and students who share your interests. Be ready to ask questions, think deeply, and make the most of this opportunity! 
  • You’ll need a dedicated device (minimum laptop or tablet screen-size), webcam, microphone, and strong, reliable internet connection during online sessions.
  • Webcams must be turned on throughout the online sessions. We’ll turn ours on, too!
  • The complete time commitment for the entire course is 6 hours, including all preparation time and online time. 
  • GoPhysics! is a collaborative, not competitive, experience. There are no tests, exams, or formal presentations.

This is an application-based program with limited enrolment. Successful applicants will be notified on March 5, or up until 2 days before the course begins if spaces remain.

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