Two men and a women sitting in front of a chalkboard talking

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

We recognize that imbalances persist, both in theoretical physics in general and at Perimeter. We are taking concrete actions to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community.


The Inclusive Perimeter Platform

Perimeter Institute aims to be a better place for all through the grassroots, volunteer-led Inclusive PI Platform. Working groups of students, postdocs, faculty, and staff address issues ranging from respect in codes of conduct to empowering young researchers, mental health, and diversity in physics.

The whole Perimeter community is encouraged to join. If you’re a PI resident interested in learning more, please contact [email protected].

Recent initiatives

  • An institutional roadmap and action plan for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility will arise from a partnership Perimeter initiated with Shift Health.
  • Flaminia Giacomini was appointed to the Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat Fellowship, one of several postdoctoral fellowships named after famous female researchers to help attract outstanding women researchers.
  • The mental health working group organized regular lunches for Perimeter residents to discuss mental health issues and learn about the support offered by Perimeter.
  • Indigenous communities invited Perimeter to participate in teachers' professional development to share information and learn more about Indigenous ways of knowing.
  • In partnership with private and public supporters, Perimeter continued to offer its programs to students and teachers at all levels at no or little cost, ensuring economic background is not a barrier to access.

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