scientist walking down a staircase in the Perimeter building

Emergency procedures

Joint Health & Safety Committee

Please contact any of the Joint Health & Safety committee members listed below should you have any health and safety related concerns:

The committee's responsibilities include:

  • Identify and evaluate potential hazards
  • Recommend corrective action as needed
  • Follow up on implemented recommendations
  • Provide input into existing and proposed health and safety programs
  • Implement and promote health and safety awareness initiatives
  • Track and investigate workplace injuries

First Aid

In the event that you require first aid please email [email protected] noting your location or attend reception at the building entrance. The following individuals are certified in First Aid:

  • Ben Uniac
  • Amanda Ferneyhough
  • Brian Lasher
  • Olivia Taylor
  • On duty security guard

Fire & Evacuation/Emergency Procedures

If you hear the fire alarm sound, please immediately evacuate the building. Do not re-enter the building until you have been instructed that it is safe to do so by the designated Facility Supervisor, Fire Exit Supervisor or Fire Warden.

There are designated Fire Wardens who will assist in evacuating the building. If they ask you to leave at any time, please do so. Additionally, there are designated Fire Exit Supervisors that are stationed at all entrances to prevent anyone from re-entering the building until it is safe to do so. Please respect and adhere to their instruction.


A security guard is on site 24/7. In the event you require assistance or would like an escort to your vehicle please contact Security, located at our front desk reception area by calling extension 7777 or 519-883-4471 (desk) or 519-572-7947 (cell) from an external phone.