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Conversations at the Perimeter

Are you fascinated by the mysteries of our universe -- and the brilliant scientists working to unravel them? Enthralled by quantum mechanics, general relativity, black holes, dark matter, and the search for a grand unifying theory of everything? If so, be sure to listen to Conversations at the Perimeter, a podcast exploring big ideas from the quantum to the cosmos.

On each episode of Conversations at the Perimeter, co-hosts Lauren Hayward and Colin Hunter of Perimeter Institute chat with a different leading scientist about how and why they tackle some of the grandest questions in the universe.

Man and women co-host podcast and interview a female guest
Co-hosts Colin Hunter and Lauren Hayward with podcast guest Meenu Kumari

No mathematical or physics knowledge is assumed – just curiosity.

Season one guests include loop quantum gravity founder Carlo Rovelli, theoretical cosmologist (and social media star) Katie Mack, quantum information scientist Raymond Laflamme, and more!

Find and subscribe to Conversations at the Perimeter wherever you get your podcasts, and watch the conversations (and hundreds of other science videos) at Perimeter’s YouTube channel.

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