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"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly how to quantize gravity, the universe will instantly disappear and be replaced by a universe in which quantizing gravity is even harder. There is another theory which states that this has already happened." (Paraphrased from "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" by Douglas Adams.)


I am a theoretical physicist focusing on fundamental research in mathematical aspects of classical and quantum gravity. I am particularly interested in studying causality and the structure of spacetime from both the classical and quantum perspectives.

I received my PhD in December 2019 from Perimeter Institute, where I was a member of the quantum gravity group under the supervision of faculty member Laurent Freidel. I graduated from the Perimeter Scholars International program in June 2015 with an MSc in theoretical physics. Before coming to Perimeter Institute I obtained a BSc in mathematics & physics from Tel Aviv University (Israel) and did summer internships at Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and CERN (Switzerland).

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My CV is available here.

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