Tibra Ali

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Phd: University of Cambridge 2002

Areas of Research:
Email: tali@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: x5240

Recent Publications

  • Tibra Ali, S. Shajidul Haque, Vishnu Jejjala. Natural Inflation from Near Alignment in Heterotic String Theory. Phys.Rev.D91,083516,2015. arXiv: 1410.4660 [hep-th].
  • Jared Greenwald, Kristen Pechan, Tim Renner, Tibra Ali, Gerald Cleaver. Note on a NAHE Variation. Nucl.Phys.B850:445-462,2011. arXiv: 0912.5207.
  • Michael Devin, Tibra Ali, Gerald Cleaver, Anzhong Wang, Qiang Wu. Branes in the M(D) x M(d+) x M(d-) Compactification of type II string on S^1 / Z(2) and their cosmological applications. JHEP 0910:095, 2009. arXiv: 0907.1756.
  • Tibra Ali, Gerald B. Cleaver. A Note on the standard embedding on half-flat manifolds. JHEP 0807:121, 2008. arXiv: 0711.3248.
  • Tibra Ali, Gerald B. Cleaver. The Ricci curvature of half-flat manifolds. JHEP 0705:009, 2007.arXiv: hep-th/0612171[hep-th].
  • Power-law Solutions from Heterotic Strings, Tibra Ali, S. Shajidul Haque, arXiv: 1403.2444