Testing dark matter with Stage-IV CMB experiments

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In the coming decade, ground based CMB telescopes could face a substantial upgrade, to so-called CMB-S4. There are two main science drivers behind this initiative: B-modes, and neutrino mass, and I will focus on the latter. Thought of more generally, constraints on neutrinos can be thought of as generic tests of dark matter. I will discuss the prospects for CMB-S4 in the dark sector, with emphasis on searches for axions and neutrinos. It will be possible to detect percent level departures from standard cold dark matter at many sigma over a wide range of scales: a vast improvement over Planck (+ existing ground based). A large part of the improvement over Planck comes from precision lensing measurements at high multipole. I will briefly discuss some technical challenges in this measurement, based on modelling of dark matter clustering in the non-linear regime.