Measuring the cosmological parameters with strong gravitational lensing

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We are currently in an era of precision cosmology, but is it an era of accurate cosmology? By measuring cosmological parameters with many independent probes we can convince ourselves that our measurements of the parameters are indeed correct. Thanks to recent progress, strong gravitational lensing is now a powerful probe of cosmology. In this talk I'll report on a measurement of H0 at 5% precision using two strongly lensed quasars and a 20% measurement on the equation of state of dark energy using a double source plane lens. I'll also present new results from a z=1 strong lensing cluster where the dark matter profile deviates significantly from the NFW profile that is predicted by cold dark matter simulations, but it is consistent with simulations of self-interacting dark matter. I'll finish by discussing how upcoming wide area surveys can provide hundreds of exotic strong lenses that can be used for precise and accurate cosmology over the next decade.