Leadership Council

The Perimeter Institute Leadership Council is a group of prominent individuals who volunteer their time, offer their guidance, and act as ambassadors for Perimeter in the business and philanthropic communities. 


  • Alexandra Brown
  • Savvas Chamberlain, FRSC, C.M.
  • Jim Cooper
  • Catherine A. Delaney, C.M.
  • Jon Dellandrea, C.M.
  • Arlene Dickinson
  • Ginny Dybenko
  • H. Garfield Emerson, Q.C.
  • Cosimo Fiorenza, Co-Chair
  • Edward S. Goldenberg
  • Tom Jenkins
  • Farsad Kiani
  • Mike Lazaridis, O.C., O. Ont., Co-Chair
  • Carol A. Lee
  • Patrice E. Merrin
  • Gerry Remers
  • Maureen Sabia, O.C.
  • Kevin Shea
  • Harry Zarek

“What may be the most ambitious intellectual experiment on earth...”

New Scientist