Process of Science

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Process of Science

How do scientists think? Students will think like scientists as they collaborate together and communicate in creative ways to answer curiosity-driven questions. This grade 7 to 12 classroom kit provides teachers with print and digital resources to inspire students to explore the habits of mind that scientists practice through hands-on activities that encourage them to be curious, creative, and collaborative.


The Process of Science Teacher’s Kit is packaged in a hard-case and includes a 44-page Teacher’s Guide, a Teacher’s Support CD including a PDF version of the guide and modifiable versions of student activities and 8-"Why is it like that?” photo cards . This kit also includes the 9-Alice & Bob in Wonderland animations, 12-MinutePhysics video segments and the Scientifically Speaking rap audio file in DVD format.


Title Price ORDER
Process of Science Teacher's KIT (Print Teacher's Guide, Support CD-ROM, and Video DVD) 24.95 CAD Preview
Perimeter Inspirations Complete Set (4 Kits) 89.95 CAD
PI Teacher's Kits Full Suite (8 Kits) 199.95 CAD
Process of Science Digital Teacher's Kit (Teacher's Guide PDF, Photo Cards PDF, MSWord Activity Files, mp4 Vdeo) 19.95 CAD