Collaboration Agreement Signed Between PI and Cambridge

PI and the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (CTC) at Cambridge have signed a collaboration agreement.

Perimeter Institute (PI) and the Center for Theoretical Cosmology (CTC) at Cambridge University have signed an agreement that will encourage collaborative research at the two institutions. The agreement provides for faculty members and postdoctoral fellows to conduct regular scientific exchange visits.

Perimeter's Director Neil Turok expects that the relationship will yield dividends on both sides of the Atlantic. "The two institutions are very complementary. Cambridge is a great university with a tradition dating back to Isaac Newton, and 20th century discoveries such as Martin Ryle’s evidence for the hot Big Bang and Fred Hoyle’s calculations of the abundances of the elements, Stephen Hawking’s proof of the cosmological singularity theorems, Martin Rees’s work in modern cosmology and much more. Perimeter, in contrast, is a young institution that is growing rapidly and attracting experts from all over the world. PI’s researchers will benefit from Cambridge’s experience and broad expertise; Cambridge researchers will benefit from PI’s cutting-edge atmosphere and dynamism. Each offers benefits to the other."

PI has over 40 postdoctoral fellows, and several each year will be able to visit Cambridge for periods of up to three months. To participate, interested postdoctoral researchers at PI or Cambridge must have a faculty host at the partner institution, and submit a short application explaining how the visit will advance their research. Faculty members can likewise propose research visits of up to two months, hosted by a faculty member at the partner institution. Applications will be considered by a joint committee composed of faculty members from PI and Cambridge.

The partnership will enhance the PI-Cambridge connection. Perimeter's Director Neil Turok was Chair of Mathematical Physics in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at Cambridge prior to joining PI, and PI Distinguished Research Chair Stephen Hawking intends to spend extended research visits at PI each year. PI is actively building partnerships with leading physics institutes around the world, and similar agreements are expected in the months to come.

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