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From Wires to Cosmology

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Current observations provide precise but limited information about inflation and reheating. Theoretical considerations, however, suggest that the early universe might be filled with a large number of interacting fields with unknown interactions. How can we quantitatively understand the dynamics of perturbations during inflation and reheating in such scenarios and when only limited

constraints are available from observations? Based on a precise

mapping between particle production in cosmology to resistivity in disordered, quasi one-dimensional wires, I will provide a statistical framework to resolve such seemingly intractable calculations. A number of phenomenon in disordered wires find an analogue in particle production. For example, Anderson localization in quasi one-dimensional wires can be directly mapped to exponential particle production in the early universe. The talk will be focussed on the general framework and some toy examples, though in the end I will discuss possible (future) applications to calculating observables.