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Compact object mergers with spinning neutron stars

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The mergers of black hole-neutron star and neutron star-neutron star binaries are one of the primary targets for Advanced LIGO and other gravitational wave detectors now coming online. In addition, these events may source a number of electromagnetic counterparts, including short gamma-ray bursts and ejecta powered transients. Particularly in the case of binaries that are dynamically-assembled in dense stellar regions like globular clusters, these mergers may involve neutron stars with non-negligible spin. I will present results from simulations of such events that show that neutron star spin can have important consequences, including altering the amount of unbound material that may power a transient, and determining whether or not a hypermassive neutron star forms following a binary neutron star merger. I will also discuss how in some cases, this resulting hypermassive neutron star becomes dominated by the one-arm spiral instability, and how this affects the gravitational signal from such events.