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Collisions in AdS and the thermalisation of heavy-ion collisions

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The motivation of this seminar is to understand the thermalisation of heavy ion collisions using AdS/CFT. These collisions can be modelled as colliding planar gravitational shock waves. This gives rise to rich and interesting dynamics; wide shocks come to a full stop and expand hydrodynamically, as was previously found by Chesler and Yaffe. High energy collisions (corresponding to thin shocks) pass through each other, after which a plasma forms in the middle, within a proper time 1/T, with T the local temperature at that time. After this I will discuss recent results where we studied the influence of microscopic structure in the longitudinal direction of the shock waves, and thereby found a coherent regime. This has implications for both fluctuations in nucleus-nucleus collisions, and for recent proton-lead collisions at at LHC. The final part will cover a radially expanding calculation, where some simplifications allowed us to solve the model all the way till the final particle spectra, with an interesting comparison with experimental data.