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Tom Zlosnik

Portrait de Tom Zlosnik
Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Area of Research:

The majority of my research has been geared towards the question of the feasibility of alternatives to the concordance model of cosmology. For a wide variety of models which seek to be an alternative to cold dark matter, a picture is emerging of a friction between the models' ability to replicate the success of cosmological dark matter on large scales (in the context of linear cosmological perturbation theory) and the necessary conditions for the small scale solutions of the theory to have stability properties not in conflict with observation (for instance the stability of solutions corresponding to compact astrophysical objects). Meanwhile, models which seek to provide a dynamical alternative to a nonzero cosmological constant seem to struggle to simultaneously be consistent with the magnitude of the cosmic microwave background temperature anisotropies and the growth of large scale structure. It is my opinion that all proposals in this area so far must be considered less successful than the concordance model. Can a case really be made for there being problems with the concordance model on small scales (i.e. scales typical of galaxies and smaller)? Is there something profound about the cosmic acceleration being consistent with a cosmological constant and few of the alternatives proposed thus far? I would like to understand these issues in more detail. I am also interested in possible dark matter phenomenology in the solar system.

I am interested in the communication of science to the public and have participated in the ISSYP 09 summer school and Q2C festival. If you the reader have any questions about cosmology I should be happy to try and answer them!

Recent Publications

  • See CV for publications.
  • `Cosmological perturbation theory with background anisotropic curvature' T.G.Zlosnik, 1107.0389
  • `The Geometry Of Modified Newtonian Dynamics', C.Skordis, T.G.Zlosnik, 1101.6019
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  • 'Modified Gravity vs Dark Matter', Centre For Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo
  • PIRSA:08100064, Observational Constraints on The Einstein-Aether Model, 2008-10-23, PI CITA Joint Cosmology Day