Slice of PI

Perimeter offers a "Slice of PI". 

Richard Feynman

Mardi nov 15, 2016
Sometimes it only takes one moment – a chance encounter, or a stroke of luck – to spark a lifelong passion for science. 

Mercredi oct 12, 2016

It’s a telescope essentially as large as the Earth, and it is shedding light on some of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. 

Jeudi sep 08, 2016

On the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s premiere, Perimeter Institute researchers past and present reflect on the show’s enduring influence on science, imagination, and optimism. 

Physics of the olympics - pole vault

Mercredi aoû 10, 2016

“Faster, higher, stronger.” The Olympic motto also expresses some of the underlying physics of the Games: velocity, kinetic energy, force. 

Mercredi juil 20, 2016

Please your ears and feed your brain with these brilliantly nerdy tracks. 

Mercredi juin 29, 2016

Some of the most abundant stuff in the universe is also the most mysterious, but we may not be in the dark for long. 

Mercredi mai 11, 2016

It's not uncommon for scientists to describe their closest collaborators as being like family, and for some it is not an exaggeration. 

Jeudi avr 21, 2016

Technology has put our global environment in crisis. Could it also provide the solution?

Mercredi mar 09, 2016

Canadian singing scientist Tim Blais puts the groove into gravitational waves with his latest effort for A Capella Science.  

Jeudi fév 11, 2016

Your handy guide to gravitational waves, and their ripple effects to our understanding of the cosmos

Mardi jan 19, 2016

Sometimes the best kind of scientific collaborator is a silent partner who lends a hand (or a paw) simply by keeping things uncomplicated. 

Vendredi nov 20, 2015

Edwin Hubble was a man of great talent, exceptional dedication, and excellent timing who reshaped our view of the universe. To commemorate Hubble's birthday, the latest Slice of PI looks at the incredible life and legacy of a man who helped humanity see farther. 

Lundi oct 19, 2015

Chalkboards are everywhere at Perimeter Institute, but one took on a new dimension at the hands of Perimeter's inaugural Coalescence Artist-in-Residence, Alexa Meade. 

Mardi sep 29, 2015

You don't need a huge particle collider to do super-cool physics.

Dimanche aoû 16, 2015
Cosmology isn’t the only way stars get into physics.
Artificial Intelligence

Jeudi juil 02, 2015

To commemorate some big anniversaries in science and sci-fi, Perimeter Institute researchers, students, and staff reflect on fantastical figments that science has made real. 

Alioscia at work

Mardi juin 16, 2015
When streams of thought converge, truth is found in the swirling eddies of opposing ideas. 

Jeudi mai 14, 2015

To mark the 100-year anniversary of the theory that re-wrote the rule book of physics, Perimeter presents an overview of general relativity, alphabetized for your convenience.

Jeudi avr 16, 2015

Whether you’re a gravitational guru or an armchair astronomer, you’ll gravitate toward these lesser-known facts about black holes.  

Pi Battle

Vendredi mar 13, 2015

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, especially when it’s about something as beautiful as the infinite decimal places of pi.

Mercredi fév 25, 2015

They discovered pulsars, found the first evidence of dark matter, pioneered mathematics, radioactivity, nuclear fission, elasticity, and computer programming, and have even stopped light. 

Jeudi jan 08, 2015

In celebration of the International Year of Light, Perimeter Institute presents 20 fascinating factoids about photons.

Lundi déc 08, 2014

For Perimeter postdoc David “Doddy” Marsh, skateboarding and theoretical physics are two halves of his whole – sometimes complementary, sometimes in opposition, both essential.

Dimanche nov 09, 2014

To commemorate what would have been Carl Sagan's 80th birthday, Perimeter Institute celebrates one of science's greatest advocates.

Jeudi oct 02, 2014

A great teacher can change the world.