Towards Recovering a Holographic Bulk from Entanglement

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The AdS/CFT correspondence provides a remarkably useful tool
for asking questions in quantum gravity, as it formulates a theory of
quantum gravity in terms of an ordinary non-gravitational quantum field
theory.  Fruitfully exploiting this correspondence therefore requires
understanding how to translate the language of CFT into gravity; a key
insight that has emerged over the past decade is that the entanglement
structure of the CFT must be intimately tied to the emergence of the
gravitational dual (when a classical geometric picture even exists).  In
my talk, I'll review what is currently known about this emergence
(so-called bulk reconstruction), and then discuss some recent results on
precisely how the entanglement of the CFT fixes the geometry on the
gravitational side.  I'll conclude with some open directions, notably
how the result I'll present is amenable to incorporating quantum