Phasing ALMA

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We are now two years into development of hardware and software for phasing ALMA, with emphasis on Band 6 (1.2 mm) but applicability to bands 3 and 7. Central to the effort is software to continuously calculate and apply a phasing solution, and the hardware interface cards (PIC) and other upgrades to the correlator that apply the solution, format the data and extract the correlated data stream. Upstream from the correlator is a hydrogen maser, which is the new ALMA time standard. Downstream from the correlator are four high speed Mark 6 data recorders collectively capable of capturing 64 Gb/s, and an optical fiber link to bring the signal from the AOS, where the antennas and correlator are located, to the OFS where the recorders are located. All the hardware is currently installed and functional. A formal acceptance review for the maser was held this past week, and acceptance of the rest of the hardware will be reviewed in December. While some debugging of software is ongoing, the basic software elements are in place and (more or less) functional. Formal commissioning activities are planned to begin in January