Non-Lorentzian geometry in gravity, string theory and holography

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I will present a brief introduction to non-Lorentzian geometries, an important example of such geometries being Newton-Cartan geometry and its torsionful generalization, which is the natural geometry to which non-relativistic field theories couple to. The talk will subsequently review how such geometries have in recent years appeared in gravity, string theory and holography. In particular, torsional Newton-Cartan geometry has been shown to appear as the boundary geometry for Lifshitz spacetimes. Furthermore, dynamical Newton-Cartan geometry is related to Horava-Lifsthiz gravity theories and appears in novel Chern-Simons theories of gravity in three dimensions. The latter can be obtained from a well-defined limit of the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence. Finally, I will briefly comment on how Newton-Cartan geometry appears in non-relativistic string theory.