The new ultracold neutron facility at TRIUMF

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A permanent non-zero electric dipole moment of the free neutron (nEDM) violates CP-symmetry. The search for an nEDM contributes to understanding the Baryon asymmetry,
as well as it has a high discovery potential for Beyond Standard Model physics. The tool of choice to investigate the nEDM are ultracold neutrons (UCN), since they have such low energies that they can be stored in traps and allow observation times of hundreds of seconds.
The distinct feature of TRIUMFs UCN facility is the combination of a neutron spallation source with a superfluid helium UCN converter - unique among all existing and planned UCN sources worldwide. The goal of the UCN project at TRIUMF is to provide a density of several hundreds of UCN per cubic cm to experiments at up to two ports, whereas one will be dedicated to determine the nEDM to the 10-27 e·cm level of precision.
This presentation shall update the audience on the current status of the new UCN facility at TRIUMF. Additionally, a brief status update on the work of the CREMA collaboration (Charge Radius Experiments with Muonic Atoms) shall be given. Recent experiments performing laser spectroscopy on light muonic atoms shed new light on the Proton Radius Puzzle.