New methods for detecting short-range forces and gravitational waves using resonant sensors

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High-Q resonant sensors enable ultra-sensitive force and field detection. In this talk I will describe three applications of these sensors in searches for new physics. First I will discuss our experiment which uses laser-cooled optically trapped silica microspheres to search for violations of the gravitational inverse square law at micron distances [1]. I will explain how similar sensors could be used for gravitational wave detection at high frequencies [2]. Finally I will describe a new method for detecting short-range spin-dependent forces from axion-like particles based on nuclear magnetic resonance in hyperpolarized Helium-3. The method can potentially improve previous experimental bounds by several orders of magnitude and can probe deep into the theoretically interesting regime for the QCD axion [3]. [1] A.Geraci, S. Papp, and J. Kitching, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 101101 (2010), [2] A. Arvanitaki and A. Geraci, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 071105 (2013), [3] A. Arvanitaki and A. Geraci, arxiv: 1403.1290 (2014).