Multi-level, multi-party singlets as ground states and their role in entanglement distribution

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We show that singlets composed of multiple multi-level quantum systems can naturally arise as the ground state of a physically-motivated Hamiltonian. The Hamiltonian needs to be one which simply exchanges the states of nearest neighbours in any graph of interacting d-level quantum systems (qudits) as long as the graph also has d sites. We point out that local measurements on some of these qudits, with the freedom of choosing a distinct measurement basis at each qudit randomly from an infinite set of bases, project the remainder onto a singlet state. One implication of this is that the entanglement in these states is very robust (persistent), while an application is in establishing an arbitrary amount of entanglement between well-separated parties (for subsequent use as a communication
resource) by local measurements on an appropriate graph. Based on quant-ph/0602139.