Manipulating Entanglement

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Entanglement plays a fundamental role in quantum information
processing and is regarded as a valuable, fungible resource,
The practical ability to transform (or manipulate) entanglement from one form to another is useful for many applications.
Usually one considers entanglement manipulation of states which are multiple copies of a given bipartite entangled state and requires that the fidelity of the transformation to (or from) multiple copies of
a maximally entangled state approaches unity asymptotically in the
number of copies of the original state. The optimal rates of these protocols yield two asymptotic measures of entanglement, namely, entanglement cost and
distillable entanglement.
It is not always justified, however, to assume that the entanglement resource available, consists of states which are multiple copies, i.e.,tensor products, of a given entangled state. More generally, an entanglement
resource is characterized by an arbitrary sequence of bipartite states which
are not necessarily of the tensor product form. In this seminar, we address the issue of entanglement manipulation
for such general resources and obtain expressions for the entanglement cost and distillable entanglement.