The large-scale structure of the Universe as a probe of fundamental physics

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We have only scratched the surface of the potential for using large-scale structure (LSS) as a probe of fundamental physics/cosmology, i.e., quantitatively, we have only measured a small fraction of a percent of the accessible LSS information. Future measurements will probe dark energy, inflation, dark matter properties, neutrino masses, modifications of gravity, etc. with unprecedented precision. I will discuss three probes of LSS: the traditional galaxy redshift survey, the Lyman-alpha forest (LyaF), and the new idea of 21 cm intensity mapping; and two future experiments that cover these probes: SDSS-III/BOSS (galaxies and LyaF) and the proposed CHIME (21 cm). I will discuss recent theoretical/phenomenological developments that promise to greatly enhance the power of LSS surveys, related to the connection between bias, redshift-space distortions, and non-Gaussianity.