From Large N Double Scaling Limits to Non-Critical Superstrings

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We consider the large N limit of a class of fourdimensional supersymmetric theories in conjunction with a limit in their parameter space towards singular points where extra baryonic states become light, which causes the low-energy description to break down. However, this can be cured by defining a large N double scaling limit where one approaches the singularity by keeping the mass M of these states fixed. This limit has several interesting features. For example, the conventional \\\'t Hooft limit leads to a free theory of colour singlet states where all interactions are suppressed by powers of 1/N. In this case, the large N Hilbert space splits into two decoupled sectors, and one of them keeps residual interactions whose strength in inversely proportional to the mass M. We argue that for a class of these models the dynamics of this sector is dual to a non-critical superstring background, which is exactly solvable.