The Higgs confronts 3 universes at the LHC

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The recent discovery
of the Higgs boson is a fundamental advance in particle physics. This talk
gives a theorist's perspective of the significance of this discovery. The Higgs
boson was proposed in the 1960s, but it is best understood in the context of
the quest to understand the weak interactions, which began with Fermi's theory
of weak interactions almost 80 years ago. This has led to three very different
paradigms for the structure of fundamental interactions at the TeV scale:
supersymmetry, compositeness/extra dimensions, and anthropic selection. The
Large Hadron Collider is the experimentum crucis for deciding between these
different possible universes, and the discovery of the Higgs is a crucial clue.
This talk will describe these paradigms, the implications of the Higgs
discovery for them, and the outlook for further discoveries that would decide
between them.