Gauge-Invariant Summation of All QCD Virtual Gluon Exchanges

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The interpretation of virtual gluons as ghosts in the non-linear gluonic structure of QCD permits the formulation and realization of a manifestly gauge-invariant and Lorentz covariant theory of interacting quarks/antiquarks, for all values of coupling. The simplest example of quark/antiquark scattering in a high-energy, quenched, eikonal model at large coupling is shown to be expressable as a set of finite, local integrals which may be evaluated numerically; and before evaluation, it is clear that the result will be dependent only on, and damped by increasing momentum transfer, while displaying physically-reasonable color dependence in a manner underlying the MIT Bag Model and an effective, asymptotic freedom. These results are compatible with an earlier, instanton, field-strength analysis of Reinhardt,