Entanglement is an important resource ??!!

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We attempt at characterizing the correlations present in the quantum computational model DQC1, introduced by Knill and Laflamme [Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 5672 (1998)]. The model involves a collection of qubits in the completely mixed state coupled to a single control qubit that has nonzero purity. Although there is little or no entanglement between two parts of this system, it provides an exponential speedup in certain problems. On the contrary, we find that the quantum discord across the most natural split is nonzero for typical instances of the DQC1 ciruit. Nonzero values of discord indicate the presence of nonclassical correlations. We propose quantum discord as figure of merit for characterizing the resources present in this computational model. This
might be a complementary measure for counting resources in quantum
information science.