Emergent Fermionic Strings in Bosonic He4 Crystal

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Large zero point motion of light atoms in solid Helium 4 leads to several anomalous properties, including a supersolid type behavior. We suggest an `anisotropic quantum melted' atom density wave model for solid He4 with hcp symmetry. Here, atoms preferentially quantum melt along the c-axis and maintain self organized crystallinity and confined dynamics along ab-plane. This leads to profound consequences: i) statistics transmutation of He4 atoms into fermions for c-axis dynamics, arising from restricted one dimensional motion and hard core repulsion, ii) resulting `fermionic strings' undergo Peierls instability (an atom density wave formation) in a staggered fashion and help regain the original hcp crystal symmetry, iii) `particle-hole' type excitations iv) emergence of `confined' `half atom' domain wall excitations, and so on. Known anomalies of solid He4 gets a natural qualitative explanation in the present scenario.