Einstein\'s Rise to Fame

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In November 1919 the British scientific community announced the confirmation of Einstein\'s prediction for the bending of light by the sun’s gravitational field. This announcement made sensational headlines in British and American papers, and soon thereafter Einstein was thrust into the stratosphere of stardom. To appreciate this phenomenon requires taking a closer look at the role of leading image makers of the day, particularly in Weimar era Germany. The intense media coverage of Einstein and his theory did much to stimulate event fascination, producing results that were at times odd, occasionally ridiculous, and in some cases polarizing, like so many other phenomena of Weimar culture. To the extent that the relativity revolution reflected a new sensibility with deep psychological roots it could not have found more fertile soil than in Einstein’s Berlin. David Rowe, Einstein, fame, England, politics, relativity, space-time, Minkoski, Mach, inertia, Newton, Einstein tower, oberada,Moszkowski, Weimar culture, anti-relativity, Gehrcke, Anti-Semitism, newsprint