Coherent Control with Time-Energy entangled photons

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"Most of the experimental advances in coherent quantum control in recent years have involved ultrashort pulses and pulse shaping techniques. These pulses have been an excellent source of coherent light with precise phase relationship between the various frequency components. In several recent works we have investigated the possibility of using broadband nonclassical light, generated by down-conversion of narrow-band lasers, for coherent control.
We demonstrated that pulse shaping techniques can be used in the single-photon limit, when the light is composed of individual time-energy entangled photons. We could shape the two-photon correlation function, which is as close as one can get to ‘shaping of individual photons’. Using polarization pulse-shaping techniques we also controlled the quantum interference of polarization entangled photons. By controlling both phase and polarization of the photon-pairs, we were able to tailor the Hong-Ou-Mandel interference pattern, and generate all four polarization Bell-states.
We believe that the combination of quantum control techniques with quantum optics could add an important ingredient to the toolbox of quantum information and computing."