Cluster duality and mirror symmetry for Grassmannians

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We use the cluster structure on the Grassmannian and the combinatorics of plabic graphs to exhibit a new aspect of mirror symmetry for Grassmannians in terms of polytopes. From a given plabic graph G we have two coordinate systems: we have a network chart for the A-model Grassmannian, and a cluster chart for the B-model (Landau-Ginzburg model) Grassmannian. On the A-model side, we use the network chart from G and an ample divisor D to define an associated Newton-Okounkov polytope NO_G(D). We give explicit formulas for the lattice points in NO_G(D) in terms of the combinatorics of Young diagrams. We then reinterpret NO_G(D) in terms of the superpotential and the cluster chart for the B- model Grassmannian. *This is joint work with Konstanze Rietsch.