Antimatter from nonperturbative field configurations and magnetic fields

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Observations of the Milky Way by the SPI/INTEGRAL satellite have confirmed the presence of a strong 511 KeV gamma-ray line emission from the bulge, which require an intense source of positrons in the galactic center. These observations are hard to account for by conventional astrophysical scenarios, whereas other proposals, such as light DM, face stringent constraints from the diffuse gamma-ray background. I will describe how light superconducting strings could be the source of the observed 511 KeV emission. The associated particle physics, at the ~ 1 TeV scale, is within reach of planned accelerator experiments, while the scenario has a distinguishing spatial distribution, proportional to the galactic magnetic field. I will also discuss how cosmic magnetic fields of nano-Gauss strength today could have been created at the time of baryogenesis. In addition to being astrophysically relevant, such magnetic fields, which are helical, can provide an independent probe of baryogenesis and CP violation in particle physics.