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Since 2002 Perimeter Institute has been recording seminars, conference talks, and public outreach events using video cameras installed in our lecture theatres.  Perimeter now has 7 formal presentation spaces for its many scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and educational outreach activities, all with advanced audio-visual technical capabilities.  Recordings of events in these areas are all available On-Demand from this Video Library and on Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA)PIRSA is a permanent, free, searchable, and citable archive of recorded seminars from relevant bodies in physics. This resource has been partially modelled after Cornell University's arXiv.org. 



Tuesday Apr 06, 2010

Gauge Invariant Cosmological Perturbation theory from 3+1 formulation of General Relativity. This course will aim to study in detail the 3+1 decomposition in General Relativity and use the formalism to derive Gauge invariant perturbation theory at the linear order. Some applications will be studied.


Monday Apr 05, 2010

For the past century, there has been much discussion and debate about the equations of motion satisfied by a classical point charge when the effects of its own electromagnetic field are taken into account. Derivations by Abraham (1903), Lorentz (1904), Dirac (1938) and others suggest that the "self-force" (or "radiation reaction force") on a point charge is given in the non-relativistic limit by a term proportional to the time derivative of the acceleration of the charge.



Thursday Apr 01, 2010

These three lectures cover several ideas of physics beyond the Standard Model. My focus is on ideas that give a natural stabilization solution to the electroweak scale, which is mysteriously light compared to the gravitational Planck scale. These ideas include supersymmetric field theories, extra dimensions, and Higgs boson physics. I shall describe what I think are the "best bets" among these approaches, and more importantly the ways they can be discerned by experiment.


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