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Monday Jun 25, 2012

We discuss gedanken
experiments for measuring local and non-local observables in QFT that

respect causality, and can by used to test the entanglement between two spatially distant regions in the vacuum. It is shown that the entanglement
decays exponentially with the distance between the regions and does not vanish, in contrast to the
case of lattice models. We discuss in this respect a possible mechanism which might
explain this persistence effect, and a connection between the Reeh-Schlieder
theorem and superoscillations.

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Monday Jun 25, 2012

This talk aims to review the obstacles met in QFT to
reach an appropriate definition for such a basic concept as localization. The
anti-local character of the square root of the "- Laplace-Beltrami +
mass^2" operator prevents the existence of localized states with a finite
number of quanta. (Bosonic) quantum fields describe elementary excitations of
an extended system whose ground state is the vacuum. No wonder, there is a
complicated relationship between the cardinal


Saturday Jun 23, 2012


Wednesday Jun 20, 2012




Friday Jun 15, 2012

We discuss the thermodynamic properties of the model
exchange quantum spin ice material Yb_2Ti_2O_7. Using exchange parameters
recently determined from high-field neutron scattering measurements, we
calculate the thermodynamic properties of this model system. We find very good
agreement with the heat capacity, entropy and magnetization measurements on the
materials. We show that, in the weak quantum regime, quantum fluctuations lead
to the selection, within the spin-ice manifold, of a conventional ordered

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Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Conformal field theories have many applications ranging
from continuous phase transitions in Statistical Mechanics to models of beyond
the Standard Model physics in Particle Physics.

In this talk, I will explain another remarkable
application: some conformal field theories can be used to define and study
Quantum Gravity.

I will also try to give a brief summary of some of the
main ideas being discussed at the conference "Back to the Bootstrap II".