Quantum Gravity

This series consists of talks in the area of Quantum Gravity.

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Tuesday Dec 13, 2005

The phenomenology of quantum gravity can be examined even though the underlying theory is not yet fully understood. Effective extensions of the standard model allow us to study specific features, such as the existence of extra dimensions or a minimal length scale. I will talk about some applications of this approach which can be used to make predictions for particle- and astrophysics, and fill in some blanks in the puzzle of quantum gravity. A central point of this investigations is the physics of black holes.

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Tuesday Sep 27, 2005


Thursday Jun 09, 2005

Observers agree that a citizen of Ohio had much larger voting power than a citizen of Texas or California in the recent US presidential election. Why is it so? A brief introduction to the theory of voting will be provided. We analyze the voting power of a member of a voting body, or of a person which elects his representative, who will take part in the voting on her behalf. The notion of voting power is illustrated by examples of the systems of voting in the European Council. We propose a representative voting system based on the square root law of Penrose.



Thursday Mar 24, 2005

A joint Guelph-Waterloo Gravity Group/Perimeter Institute Seminar --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Observational evidence suggests that the large scale dynamics of the universe is presently dominated by dark energy, meaning a non-luminous cosmological constituent with a negative value of the pressure to density ratio w, which would be unstable if purely fluid, but could be stable if effectively solid with sufficient rigidity.



Thursday Feb 03, 2005