Unitarity, black hole microstates and how Alices fuzzes but may not even know it

The information paradox and the infall problem have been
long-standing puzzles in the understanding of black holes. The idea of free
infall is in considerable tension with unitarity of the evaporation process and
recent developements have made this tension sharp. In the first part of my talk
I will address the information question and argue that unitarty requires every
quantum of radiation leaving the black hole to carry information about the
initial state. Unitary evaporation is thus inconsistent with an
information-free horizon at every step of the evaporation process and this
extends the recent firewall result. This immediately raises the question of
What is the required horizon-scale structure? I will show an explicit
construction of near-extremal black hole microstates which put flesh and branes
on the fuzzball proposal and may realize firewalls in string theory. In the
second part I will address the question of What happens to an observer falling
into a fuzzball? I will argue that the answer is dependent on the energy scale
of the infalling observer.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 10:00 to 11:30
Bob Room
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