Revivals imply quantum many-body scars

We derive general results relating revivals in the dynamics of quantum
many-body systems to the entanglement properties of energy eigenstates.
For a D-dimensional lattice system of N sites initialized in a
low-entangled and short-range correlated state, our results show that a
perfect revival of the state after a time at most poly(N) implies the
existence of "quantum many-body scars", whose number grows at least as
the square root of N up to poly-logarithmic factors. These are energy
eigenstates with energies placed in an equally-spaced ladder and with
Rényi entanglement entropy scaling as log(N) plus an area law term for
any region of the lattice. This shows that quantum many-body scars are a
necessary condition for revivals, independent of particularities of the
Hamiltonian leading to them. We also present results for approximate
revivals, for revivals of expectation values of observables and prove
that the duration of revivals of states has to become vanishingly short
with increasing system size.

Work in collaboration with Henrik Wilming (ETH)

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Friday, November 22, 2019 - 13:30 to 15:00
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