One-photon and two-photon switching in graphene and optical nanomaterials

In this talk we will discuss both the one-photon and
two-photon switching mechanisms in hybrid nanomaterials made from two or more
semiconductor, metallic and optical nanostructures. The most prominent examples
of these nanostructures are graphene, semiconductor quantum dots, metallic
nanoparticles, and photonic and polaritonic crystals. Advances in nanoscience
have allowed for the construction of these new classes of hybrid nanomaterials.
Optical excitations in semiconductor nanostructures are electron-hole pairs
(excitons) whereas excitations in metallic nanostructures are surface plasmons
which are collective oscillations of electrons. Therefore, the combination of
these systems can provide attractive opportunities to modify, design and control
optical properties and to observe new phenomena which are based on
exciton-plasmon interactions. It is expected that this research will provide a
theoretical road map for the development of optical sensing and optical

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Friday, March 8, 2013 - 14:30 to 16:00
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