J. Carifio, W.J. Cunningham, J. Halverson, D. Krioukov, C. Long, and B.D. Nelson
Vacuum Selection from Cosmology on Networks of String Geometries
arXiv Preprint
Summary: We show a bubble cosmology model on networks of string geometries has late-time determined by the networks' eigenvector centralities, which provides a dynamical mechanism for vacuum selection in the string landscape. arXiv
W.J. Cunningham
Inference of Boundaries in Causal Sets
Classical and Quantum Gravity 35, 094002 (2018)
Summary: New algorithms are used to infer the shape of the region bounding a causal set embedded into 2D Minkowski spacetime. DOI arXiv
W.J. Cunningham and D. Krioukov
Causal Set Generator and Action Computer
Computer Physics Communications - In Press (2018)
Summary: New parallel algorithms calculate the causal set Benincasa-Dowker action using CUDA, AVX, x86 assembly, and MPI; simulation speeds increase by 1000x. DOI arXiv
W.J. Cunningham, D. Rideout, J. Halverson, and D. Krioukov
Exact Geodesic Distances in FLRW Spacetimes
Physical Review D 96, 103538 (2017)
Summary: We provide closed-form solutions to some of the most important Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker spacetimes, and give a simple prescription to determine geodesic completeness using only the scale factor. DOI arXiv
W. Cunningham and D. Krioukov
Navigability of Random Geometric Graphs in the Universe and Other Spacetimes
Scientific Reports 7, 8699 (2017)
Summary: A spacetime is navigable only if it contains dark energy. DOI arXiv
W. Cunningham and J. Giedt
Eguchi-Kawai Reduction with One Flavor of Adjoint Mobius Fermion
Physical Review D 93, 045006 (2016)
Summary: Massless adjoint fermions stabilize the center symmetry of the SU(N) lattice gauge theory in the large-N limit. DOI arXiv