Master Students

    In 2012 I supervised Matteo Lostaglio for his Master's thesis at the University of Pavia, Italy. His thesis was well received and got him maximum marks, and we published a paper in General Relativity & Gravitation, which got into the highlights of the journal. Matteo is now enrolled in a PhD school at Imperial College, London, with the group of Terry Rudolph.

    In 2014 I supervised two dissertations for the Perimeter Scholars International program: Mykola Murskyj, ``Do We Live in a Bianchi VI Universe?'', and Monica Rincon-Ramirez, ``The Relational Program: The Ideas that Led to Shape Dynamics''. After graduating at Perimeter, Mykola entered the PhD program at MIT and Monica started a PhD at Penn State University.

    In 2014 I supervised another Italian Master thesis: Andrea Napoletano, whose thesis was titled ``On the Spherically Symmetric Compact Solutions of Shape Dynamics''. Andrea received a 6-months scholarship from Perimeter to work on his thesis under my supervision, covering travel from Italy, board and lodging. His thesis was received with appraisal from the graduation committee in Rome. Andrea's thesis work will lead to at least one, most likely two or three publications, on which we are working now. At the moment Andrea is applying to PhD positions.

Summer Students

    PI has a summer student program. I tutored a student in summer 2013, Matt Beach from the University of Guelph. He studied the quantum 3-body problem in Shape Dynamics with numerical techniques. He presented a poster in a competition organized by the University of Guelph’s College of Physical & Engineering Science, and won the first prize. The work he did under my supervision will end up in a publication soon.