Research Interests

My research interest is to understand quantum field theory, string theory and their powerful applications to theoretical physics and mathematics. In particular I have been studying dualities in supersymmetric gauge theory with boundaries and corners which can elucidate rich mathematical structure of quantum field theories as well as description of intersecting D-branes and M-branes in string and M-theory.

Recent Publications

  • A. Hanany, T. Okazaki, "(0,4) brane box models", JHEP 03 (2019) 027, arXiv: 1811.09117
  • T. Okazaki, D. Smith, "Matrix supergroup Chern-Simons models for vortex-antivortex systems", JHEP 02 (2018) 119, arXiv: 1712.01370
  • H. Chung, T. Okazaki, "(2,2) and (0,4) Supersymmetric Boundary Conditions in 3d N = 4 Theories and Type IIB Branes", Phy.Rev. D96, (2017) 086005, arXiv: 1608.05363
  • T. Okazaki "Implications of conformal symmetry in quantum mechanics", Phys.Rev. D96, (2017) 066030, arXiv: 1704.00286
  • T. Okazaki, D. Smith, "Mock Modular Index of M2-M5 Brane System", Phy.Rev. D94, (2016) 065016, arXiv: 1612.07565
  • T. Okazaki, D. Smith, "Topological M-Strings and Supergroup WZW Models", Phy.Rev. D96, (2017) 026017, arXiv: 1512.06646
  • T. Okazaki, "Whittaker vector, Wheeler-DeWitt equation, and the gravity dual of conformal quantum mechanics", Phy.Rev. D92, (2015) 126010, arXiv: 1510.04759
  • T. Okazaki, "Membrane Quantum Mechanics", Nucl.Phys. B890, (2015) 400-441, arXiv: 1410.8180
  • T. Okazaki, S. Yamaguchi, "Supersymmetric Boundary Conditions in Three Dimensional N = 2 Theories", Phys.Rev. D87 no. 12, (2013) 125005, arXiv: 1302.6593
  • T. Nishinaka, T. Okada, T. Okazaki, S. Yamaguchi, "Evidence for Duality of Conifold from Fundamental String", JHEP 10 (2011) 051, arXiv: 1107.3660
  • T. Okazaki, "Mirror symmetry of 3d N=4 gauge theories and supersymmetric indices", arXiv: 1905.04608
  • T. Okazaki, "Abelian dualities of N=(0,4) boundary conditions", arXiv: 1905.07425
  • D. Gaiotto, T. Okazaki, "Dualities of Corner Configurations and Supersymmetric Indices", arXiv: 1902.05175


  • PIRSA:18100079, (0,4) brane box models, 2018-10-02, Quantum Fields and Strings
  • PIRSA:17050012, Emergence of Supergroups from Junctions of M-branes, 2017-05-16, Quantum Fields and Strings