EinsteinPlus is a one-week intensive workshop for Canadian and international high school teachers that focuses on modern physics, including quantum physics, special relativity, and cosmology.

EinsteinPlus also provides unique opportunities to learn some of the latest developments in physics from expert researchers at the forefront of their fields, enjoy lab tours and take part in social events with like-minded teachers from around the globe. Sessions include:

  • Innovative teaching strategies suitable for all areas of physics
  • Quantum physics: Wave-particle duality and the electron double-slit experiment
  • GPS and relativity
  • Dark matter as an application of uniform circular motion
  • Measuring Planck's constant using simple electronic circuit.

EinsteinPlus 2019 will be July 7th - July 13th. The workshop will take place at Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

NOTE: EinsteinPlus is only offered in English 


Program Costs
The program fee is $300 (CDN) payable upon acceptance into the program.  The fee is a small portion of the full program cost and supports activities, accommodations, and meals.

Travel Costs
CANADIAN teachers accepted will have their round trip air fare, train, bus or mileage paid for by Perimeter Institute*.  Ground transportation to and from the airport to Waterloo will also be provided by Perimeter Institute.

INTERNATIONAL teachers accepted from countries other than Canada must fund their own return airfare from their home country to Toronto Pearson International Airport and purchase appropriate travel/health insurance.  Ground transportation to and from the airport to Waterloo will be provided by Perimeter Institute.

*Some restrictions may apply



Dec. 7. 2018 Applications available
April 15, 2019 Application deadline
May 1, 2019 Successful applicants notified
May 15, 2019 Intent to attend deadline
July 7 - 13, 2019 EinsteinPlus in session



We strongly encourage applications from those interested in conducting follow-up activities with other teachers at home for benefit of the wider education community. As the school will be conducted in English, applicants are expected to be fluent at speaking and writing in the English language. Only completed applications will be considered.

Applications for EinsteinPlus 2019 are now open.




For more information please contact: Tonia Williams Outreach Program Manager 519-569-7600, ext. 5090