Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships

Emmy Noether was a brilliant scientist whose work underpins much of modern physics.

Perimeter’s Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships honour her legacy by supporting and encouraging early- and mid-career women physicists.

The Fellowships, which are held for periods of up to one year, bring talented researchers to Perimeter at a critical stage of their careers. Noether Fellows enjoy uninterrupted research time immersed in Perimeter’s collaborative environment. The flexibility of the program may include support for housing, teaching buy-outs, and childcare – allows researchers to shape their visits in ways that enrich and accelerate their scientific careers.

“The Emmy Noether Fellowship made it possible to move our family halfway across the globe for a year, which is no mean feat,” says Sumati Surya, a 2016-17 Emmy Noether Visiting Fellow and associate professor at India’s Raman Research Institute. “This experience has injected great energy and inspiration for my research, which is invaluable.”

Applications are now closed, we thank all applicants for their submissions. 

If you require additional information or have questions, please contact Mayura Stratopoulos, Manager, Office of the Faculty Chair.  (Please note: this email address is being protected from spam bots; you need Javascript enabled to view it.)

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