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Monday Feb 27, 2012

New Teacher's resource now available for pre-ordering.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Perimeter Institute Founder and Board Chair on need to "think big and be bold" at AAAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

Perimeter Institute joined representatives from across Waterloo Region, Ontario, and Canada to take part in the AAAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver, B.C.

Saturday Dec 31, 2011

One of Perimeter's founding members has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Monday Dec 12, 2011

World-renowned scientist and SNO Director, Art McDonald, joins Board of Directors at Perimeter Institute.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Don't miss the 5-minute video on Stephen Hawking, along with a full-length panel discussion on the power of big ideas.

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

Perimeter Faculty members Philip Schuster and Natalia Toro use existing accelerators to look for forces beyond the known four.

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

Romina Abachi named the 2011 recipient of the Luke Santi Memorial Award.

Thursday Oct 27, 2011

A $2 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation will support this exciting, new program.

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Condensed matter theoreist Xiao-Gang Wen will be joining Perimeter Institute as the BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics.  

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Partnership in Science Communication to Advance Ideas Throughout Ontario and Beyond.

Friday Sep 09, 2011

Perimeter faculty member Cachazo, wins the 2011 Rutherford Medal in Physics from the Royal Society of Canada.

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Senegal is the new home of the next centre of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

"Not only does God play dice with the universe, his dice are fair." Nature Communications has just published a paper by PI postdoc Roger Colbeck, proving that no extension of quantum mechanics can improve predictive power.

Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

Associate Faculty member wins Early Researcher Award from the Ontario MInistry of Research and Innovation.

Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Independent Audit for Industry Canada confirms top performance by Perimeter Institute.

Friday Jul 15, 2011

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, founded by Perimeter Director Neil Turok, was one of the proven initiatives highlighted in the respected magazine.

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

Perimeter Institute's growing research faculty will welcome another member, Bianca Dittrich, in 2012.

Monday Jul 11, 2011

Perimeter Institute has appointed eight more outstanding international scientists as Distinguished Research Chairs.

Friday Jul 01, 2011

Lee, a theoretical condensed matter physicist, becomes the latest Associate Faculty member at Perimeter Institute, jointly appointed with McMaster University.

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011

Perimeter Institute and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics have signed a memorandum of understanding to join the LSC.

Monday Jun 06, 2011

The federal 2011 Budget Plan, tabled in Ottawa on June 6 by the Government of Canada, proposes a renewed investment in Perimeter Institute.

Friday Jun 03, 2011

Perimeter Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Associate Faculty members, theoretical astrophysicist Avery Broderick and particle phyicist Itay Yavin.

Friday May 20, 2011

The Government of Ghana has commited US$1.5 million to help launch the third independent centre of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, the centrepiece of PI's global outreach effort.

Monday May 02, 2011

Perimeter Institute and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote academic ties and collaboration on outreach programs between the institutes.