Outreach Resource Honoured in International Competition

PI Outreach's latest video resource, Everday Einstein: GPS & Relativity, tied for second place in the Non-interactive Media category of the prestigious International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.

PI Outreach’s latest video resource, Everyday Einstein: GPS & Relativity, battled fierce competition to tie for second place in the Non-Interactive Media category of the prestigious International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. The resource was created by Damian Pope, PI's Senior Manager, Scientific Outreach and his team. The winning entries were chosen from 111 entries submitted from 63 countries.

PI Outreach General Manager, Greg Dick said, "Dr. Pope and his team effortlessly tied Einsteinian Relativity to what has become an almost everyday device - the GPS unit - and really made the science come alive. This resource is proving to be valuable for grade 9 and 10 science teachers, physics teachers, and the general public."

Everyday Einstein is part of a kit available to educators which explains the surprising link between GPS navigation and Einstein’s greatest discovery. The kit, which is distributed widely across Canada and beyond, includes a DVD, plus student activities and worksheets created to reinforce the concepts outlined in the video.

The winners were announced in the February 18, 2011 issue of Science which presents the awards in partnership with the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). The contest, now in its eighth year, was established to promote on-going efforts to create visualizations that help communicate complex scientific concepts to a broad audience. These visualizations are particularly useful in science education for both students and the general public.

The entire list of winners can be viewed here or on the NSF website.

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