Neil Turok to Discuss Universe's "Astonishing Simplicity" in Live Webcast

Join Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok on Oct. 7 as he examines the surprising simplicity of the universe, and why its discovery represents a turning point in fundamental physics.

Sept. 16, 2015 (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) – The most sophisticated experiments ever devised are revealing a universe that is surprisingly simple. Explaining this simplicity, says Perimeter Institute Director and cosmologist Neil Turok, is the next great challenge facing fundamental physics.

During a live public lecture webcast on Oct. 7, Turok will explain how the newfound simplicity represents “a very powerful clue” that may spark a new scientific revolution.

“I want people to come away from my talk realizing that we’ve learned a huge amount about the universe,” says Turok, “but we have conundrums which are extremely profound. And we have ideas that we hope will pull it all together.”

Turok’s lecture, titled “The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything,” is part of the Perimeter Institute Public Lecture Series, and will be webcast live Oct. 7 at 7 PM ET on the Perimeter Institute website and via partner organizations.

Turok will answer audience questions during a post-talk Q&A – including questions submitted prior to and during the talk via Facebook  and Twitter (using the hashtag #piLIVE). Questions are welcomed from everyone – aspiring scientific explorers, school classes, physics buffs, and general science enthusiasts.

“We really want people to be engaged with scientific discovery,” says Turok. “There’s an excitement in physics we need to share. We could be on the threshold of a new breakthrough in our understanding of the whole shebang, and that’s tremendously exciting.”

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